CNC Machining Services & Fabrication Specialties


We work with a broad range of materials including most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and engineering grade plastics. Close tolerance parts are machined to exacting medical and military standards as well as less stringent commercial standards using modern computer controlled (CNC) equipment.

Our machines can manufacture complex parts up to an envelope of 30” X 13.8” X 17.7” as well as very small high precision parts.

Our Milling Dept. head is highly skilled with over 30 years experience in CNC machining.


Our turning center can accommodate any type of turned part from 1/8 up to 8 inches in diameter and up to 22 inches in length. We can make parts from ferrous (most types) and non-ferrous specialty metals or engineering grade specialty plastics.

We are set up to accommodate short run CNC or high volume screw production. Tolerances and other requirements (MIL, ANSI, etc.) are maintained to customer specifications.

Our Turning/Lathe center leader is highly skilled with over 20 years experience in CNC turning.


B. Radtke and Sons' Laser Works division provides micro-precision Laser Welding and Laser Cutting services as well as offering for sale full CNC Laser Systems. Laser cutting and welding is the preferred and ideal method for many complex metal fabrication applications.

The company owner has extensive knowledge when it comes to Laser systems as he has been involved in CNC Laser cutting and welding since the early 90's.


We get the lead out! For the past year we have been providing Lead fabrication services producing lead radiation shielding components to a number of customers in the Medical Industry.

If you have Lead parts requirements we can help!

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